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Testimonials from Clients and Colleagues

  • "Thank you so much for the expert recommendations and guidance that made it possible for us to spend so much time with my father-in-law in his last 4-5 weeks of life. Our biggest comfort in his passing was that we had this time together and that he was able to have a peaceful death, with his son at his side. This would not have been possible without your very generous guidance and help in navigating him from the nursing home in his home state to Michigan."
    - Family member, MD, Ann Arbor, MI

  • “I have worked with Stefanie for almost five years and she remains my go-to referral for patients and families struggling with complexities of aging.  I am absolutely confident that when I refer patients and families to her that they will receive the highest quality care.  She has an extraordinary degree of knowledge about this community and is able to bring patients and resources together flawlessly to proactively plan for the ongoing challenges of aging.  She is able to address the medical, legal and financial issues of aging while respecting the whole person.  Stefanie is compassionate, thoughtful, and generous of her time and expertise.”
    - Clinic nurse, Ann Arbor, MI 

  • "Stefanie's expertise in assessing cognitive deficits and the need for supports has proved invaluable in multiple cases where a guardianship or other supportive framework is needed to keep a loved one safe."
    - Elder law attorney, Ann Arbor, MI 

  • "Stefanie carefully assessed our family situation, helped us to create a plan to move our parents from out of state to Ann Arbor, navigated the process of finding a place for them, helped with all sorts of details related to the move, identified a resource to help provide specialized dementia care for our father, and continues to assist our mother with doctor appointments.  She operates with the highest professional ethics, is compassionate, and also very smart and direct.  Having Stefanie a part of our team to transition our parents to a retirement facility and into a new life and in the case of our father, helping us through the process dying, made a huge difference in our abilities to continue with our lives, to focus on the relationships with our parents, and not worry so much about the details."
    - J.J., Family member, Ann Arbor, MI

  • "We value your familiarity with so many medical professionals and institutions, and your thoroughness in following up."
    - D.B. Family member, Pittsburgh, PA

  • "You worked so hard and so diligently on his behalf, and the two of you developed a significant emotional bond.  He trusted you when he could not allow himself to trust anyone else.  He cared for you, and spoke very highly of your work as a professional consultant, as well as your humanity.  You were a tremendous gift in his life, and he knew that."
    - D.G., Social worker, Ann Arbor, MI

  • "I'm really so glad you are on the job with us.  It is clear you are very thorough and this is precisely what we need...I explained how important a job like yours is to the family and I explained that we didn't even realize it till we'd already made the decision to bring you into the mix.  All of this is to say thank you!"
    - S.L., Family member, Northampton, MA

  • "You’re a saint for dealing with the icky-messiness of people’s geriatric planning."

     - J.G., Family member, Arlington Heights, IL


  • "You are a wonderful resource to have and a very important piece of the puzzle that is often missing in assisted living communities."

     - L.K., Community relations director, Ann Arbor, MI


  • "Thanks for being such a great advocate...I feel like my dad is in good hands."
    - K.A., Family member, Colorado Springs, CO

  • "You're a good communicator.  You have so much wisdom to share.  It is great to have you on the team."

     - T.S., Family member, Chelsea, MI


  • "We appreciate you and your expertise in working with our staff and residents."

     - T.H., Executive director, Dexter, MI


  •  "Stefanie Sinks was the best thing that happened in my case involving a client suffering from dementia. I would not hesitate to ask for  her assistance in the future."

    - K.L., Attorney, Ann Arbor, MI 








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